Bid Ref. No: Description Closing Date Dowload document
W/RFQ/19-11/2022 Replacing of electrical plugs and PVC channels in the office No.333, officeno 227 and the kitchen in the empretec office 13-February 2023 -2022 at 10h00 download
NCS/RFQ/19-13/2022 Servicing, re-gas and replacement of Air conditioners at MIT head office 18-November -2022 at 10h00 download
G/RSQ/19-19/2022 supply and delivery of ten (10) Desktop including Keyboard, Mouse and Cartridges 19-October -2022 at 10h00 download
G/RSQ/19-16/2020 supply and delivery of covid-19 Perspex protective screen-desk for 24 offices 12-February -2021 at 10h00 download
G/RFSQ/19-21/2020 request for quotation for supply and installation 36000 Btu cassette ceiling air conditioner and supply and installation 24000 Btu wall air conditioner 29-january-2021at 10h00  download
G/RFSQ/19-24/2020 Supply, replace /install and commissioning of new 1x 3.6,230 V Ac inverter, split mid wall air conditioning unit with complete installation accessories. 26 January 2020 at 10h00 download
G/IQ/19/21/2020 Printing of Business cards for the Executive Director 26 January 2020 at 10h00 download
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