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Wood-Charcoal_Strategies.pdf 0 B
Growth at Home New Bleed.pdf 7.2 MB
Mineral Beneficiation Strategy for Namibia 2021 (1).pdf 6.6 MB
National SEZ Policy-Public Consultations Version-September 2021.pdf 399 KB
Min of Industrialisation National Consumer Protection Policy.pdf 1.7 MB
SOP - Poultry Importers Scheme 29 July.pdf 306 KB
Mineral Beneficiation Strategy for Namibia 2021.pdf 6.6 MB
Amendments to Namibia Zimbabwe Trade Agreement.pdf 3.7 MB
Statutory-Instrument-156A-of-1993-Zimbabwe-Namibia (1).pdf 3.9 MB
MSME Policy Zero Draft.pdf 489 KB
Namibias Aid For Trade Framework.pdf 1.9 MB
MSME policy final.pdf 4.2 MB
Namibian industrial policy.pdf 339 KB
Namibia Mineral Policy.pdf 167 KB
V1 Rent Bill.pdf 598 KB
Gazetted Nam Investment Promotion Act 2016.pdf 294 KB
1 Foreign Investment Act.pdf 93 KB
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